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12th-Dec-2006 12:36 am
NAMES :: Christie Name Icon 07

Have a question? Check out the F.A.Q. below for answers. If you do not find the answer to your question then ask it in a comment to this post.

I would like to join dreamyobsession but I was denied membership, why?
There are several reason to which you could have been denied membership:
1.) In your profile, you do not have credit for all your icons and/or graphics. If it was made by you then it needs to say so. If you don't remember who made it just say maker unknown. Tutorials on crediting icons and graphics are located here.
2.) Your journal is brand new and unestablished (created within the last 28 days) and/or has less than 5 entries. No one wants to waste time on making graphics for a journal that's not being used.
3.) You are a part of icon "stealing" communities.

I was a member of dreamyobsession but I have been removed from the community, why is that?
There are several reason to which you could have been removed as a member:
1.) You were added into the community because of my own mistake. The mistake being: I let you in for reasons that you would have been denied membership. (See the above F.A.Q.)
2.) Your journal states that you have moved to a new journal and/or you had left livejournal completely.
3.) You haven't updated at least within the last 4 weeks. There's no need to have un-active journals in the community.

I was a member of dreamyobsession but I have been banned from the community, why is that?
You have done something that I feel is forbidden. EX: stealing graphics, requesting but not picking up graphics etc...

Can I use your graphics outside of livejournal?
I allow use of my graphics to be used on LiveJournal ONLY with credit to obsessivedrmer @ dreamyobsession using LJ Tags. Exceptions: computer wallpapers, resources, and paid requests EX. paid requests made for personal website use. If paid requests are to be used elsewhere you must let me know where it will be used and provide a link back to this community.

Do you accept "paid graphic requests"?
Yes, I do accept paid requests. All paid request information can be found HERE or e-mail me at dreamyobsession@gmail.com for further information.

I would like to make a request for you but there are no posts saying you are taking requests, can I still request?
No, you must wait until I make a post saying I am accepting requests. In this case just simply comment to the suggestion post letting me know you would like to see a request post. Then as soon as I am able to take requests (as I am either busy or not aware of members wanting to request) I will make a post in the community accepting requests. Then you may post your requests.

May I request freebies that you have previously posted?
Unless they are marked as closed and/or there is a limit to how many requests are taken, then you are free to request. I keep everything in this community updated (on a daily basis) including the status of freebies.

Can I customize/tag your graphics?
As stated on in the rules, no, you can not alter my graphics in any way, shape, or form. If you want something customized and/or tagged specifically for you, ask me and I'll be happy to do it for you. I made the graphics so why not let me finish the job I started.

Can I edit the overrides posted in this community?
Yes, you may edited any overrides posted in this community. Although, I still demand credit for the original overriding and customization as it takes a lot of time to create them.

I downloaded some fonts from you. How do I install them?
Open up your "my computer" folder then open the "C Drive" folder. From there find the folder entitled "WINDOWS" and open it. Inside that folder you will find a folder entitled "FONTS". Open it and then paste the downloaded fonts into that folder. Now you have installed the fonts to your computer. Pretty simply, eh?

I downloaded some of the resources that you have posted. How do I credit you for them?
I would suggest creating a resource page/list (if you don't already have one) and add dreamyobsession to the list. EX. my resources.

Do you make graphics for myspace?
Yes, I can make graphics for myspace but I probably won't post them unless they are specifically requested.

Last updated: September 18, 2008
6th-May-2009 05:22 pm (UTC)
hi this is complxthoughts, I want to know if you can add this name, and delete complxthoughts from the community. I want to move all my communities to my new name. thanks!!
6th-May-2009 05:32 pm (UTC)
Done! Thanks for letting me know of the change!
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